Solving our client's problems by providing tailor-made AI solutions.

We listen:
Document management workflows come in many flavours. We like to listen first, to get a good understanding of business requirements and data pipelines.

We consult:
From information management to finding hidden gems in maximizing AI utilization in generating business value

We integrate:
Placing AI solutions at the just right place into existing workflows using industry standards (APIs, file shares, etc... )

We deliver:
cost-effective tailor-made AI solutions that enrich data pipelines by automating data extraction, classification and analysis.


From Fixed Cost to Variable Cost

Fixed labor costs to revenue ratio inhibits step growth as this would mean increasing fixed costs even further.


Increased Quality

Human errors make customer satisfaction a constant concern.


Insourcing Solves the GDPR Issue

Compliance of offshore operations for EU clients are complex and expensive.

doXray workflow

During the doXray automation process, your current workflow creates the training information and performs quality assurance on the doXray system without any process re-engineering. You remain in full control of the speed at which doXray takes over the workflow.  If your business runs manual or software augmented, text-based analysis workflows with 100.000s files per month and 100s of expert analysts in your operations center, then doXray can boost your productivity by up to 80%, while reducing labour dependency and minimizing transformational risks.


We work with our clients to build tailor-made AI solutions seamlessly integrated into existing document management workflows.