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Training Data

Some customers already have perfectly annotated training data from an existing manual process. Some customers have training data that needs to be enriched. doXray offers performing the creation and enrichment of training data (Business Services) or allows customers to own this process step by themselves using the doXray standardized upload forms (as a Service).

Language agnostic

doXray works with all western languages. And we are in the process of verifying the use with non-western languages. doXray is capably of translating an existing, trained use case into a different language usually requiring only 20% of the original training effort.


The doXray system is open for integration with other tools and workflows via industry standard REST APIs.

Industrial Scale

doXray works for smaller use cases, but is designed to work on an industrial scale - capable of processing 100s as well as millions of documents.

Services & Support

doXray does not only offer consulting and integration services for the doXray system into the customer's workflow, but also provides specialized support services for different user classes.


doXray's system is based on cutting edge, future proof software technologies, constantly improved and hosted in a secure cloud in the EU, on a dedicated private cloud server or on-premise in the customer's data center.

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