complex document analysis in seconds

If your organization has thousands of documents to manually analyze, automation of that process with doXray will provide cost savings, reduced risk, better insight, improved time to market, advanced auditing and reporting capabilities as well as the application of cutting edge, future proof deep learning technologies.

doxray (Tailored) Business solutions

The full power of the doXray solution, customized and embedded in your workflows. For a seemless experience – at any industrial scale. 

customer challenges

The doxray solution

Use Cases, Examples

Legal Services

A leading Spanish law firm asked doXray to tailor the doXray software to extract information from real estate registry documents, bank statements, contracts and other complex documents.

REal estate

doXray built a use case that automatically extracts relevant information from classifieds (newspaper ads). Post processing of the extracted information allows a direct integration with the sales service desk. 


A large services company asked doXray to use our software to extract information from contracts in preparation for and integration with a credit collection service workflow.  


doXray trained a system to automatically analyze IT services contracts to enable the operational contract compliance and risk management process. 


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